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Before your trip

1) How do we book? - You can book through the website online, or call 1-604-346-9114.

2) When should we arrive? - Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled Adventure.

3) How many Passengers can you have onboard? - Due to Transport Canada Regulations, we are able to have 6 passengers.

4) Are pets allowed onboard the vessel? - There are no pets allowed onboard the vessel.

5) Do you have lifejackets? - We have life jackets for all persons onboard including children.

6) How do I cancel my adventure? - You can call 1-604-346-9114, cancellations are subject to the rules outlined in the cancellation policy below.

7) Can I smoke onboard the vessel? - There is no smoking/vaping onboard the vessel or at the Marina.

8) Can we bring alcohol onboard the vessel? -  Beer and wine is permitted onboard as long as it is consumed in moderation. Drunken, disorderly conduct may result in the cancellation of your charter without a refund.

9) What clothing should we bring? - Since this is the Westcoast, weather can change quickly, it is advised to bring warm clothes and some form of rain gear.

10) What happens if it is rainy/windy the day of our adventure? - Rain and wind are a part of life on the west coast. The adventure will go ahead as planned unless Captain Trav deems it unsafe to do so. In the case of a cancellation due to unsafe conditions, the client will be refunded their reservation fee.

11) Can we bring food/Drink? - Yes, it is encouraged to pack a lunch and bring lots of fluids. We do have some snack and drink onboard for purchase.

12) Where do we park? - There is parking at the top of the hill above the marina and down below near the marina entrance. Parking is first come first serve.

While your onboard the vessel

1) What if we get sea sickness? - The client is responsible for taking precautions (medication) before the adventure to help minimize sea sickness. Adventures may be cancelled by the client due to sea sickness but the full amount for the adventure will be charged to the clients credit card.

2) What if we want to stay out longer? - Adventures may be to extended to a maximum of 8 hours. Each hour is charged at $200 CAD plus applicable taxes.

3) Is there a washroom onboard? - Yes, there is a private washroom aboard the vessel.

4) Can we listen to music onboard? - Yes, the Jenmar is equipped with a bluetooth compatible system so you can connect your phone and play your music.

After your adventure

1) Can we upload content on social media?- Yes, we encourage it! #saltairoceanadventures.

2) Is gratuity required? - Although gratuity is not required, it is greatly appreciated for a job well done!

3) Can we leave you a r
eview? - Yes, we encourage you to leave a review online!


Cancellation policy


1) Cancellations made within 21 days of departure will not be refunded their $200 reservation fee.


2) If the client cancels within 72 hours of the planned departure, the full amount of the reservation will be charged to the clients credit card. 


3) If the client cancels their charter during the charter due to sea sickness or weather the full amount of the reservation will be charged to the clients credit card.


4) If a client cancels due to a serious illness or family emergency (proof provided), the clients reservation fee will be held and can be used towards a future reservation within 12 months of the cancellation based on availability.


5) If international clients are unable to make their reservation due to travel restrictions/weather, the clients reservation fee will be held and can be used towards a future reservation within 12 months of the cancellation based on availability.

Cancellations by Saltair Ocean Adventures


1) If Saltair Ocean Adventures deems the weather unsafe to proceed with the planned reservation, the client will be refunded their reservation fee.

2) If the reservation is cancelled due to a mechanical issue, sickness of a crew member or crew emergency, the client will be refunded their reservation fee.


3) If the clients reservation is cut short due to bad weather or mechanical issues the client will pay a pro-rated rate calculated

once back at the marina.

Conduct onboard the vessel


1) Clients must behave in a safe and respectful manner onboard the vessel and at the marina. Failure to do so will result in

the cancellation of the reservation without refund and the full price of the booking will be charged to the clients credit card.


2) If the client damages the boat due to negligence or unruly behavior, the client will be responsible to pay to fix the damage. The total cost will be charged to the clients credit card (held for security).

3) Captain Trav has the right to cancel any charter at anytime due to unruly or unsafe behavior. Unfair and disrespectful behavior towards employees and marina staff will not be tolerated and will result in the cancellation of the reservation without refund.

4) Beer and wine are allowed onboard the vessel, but must be consumed in moderation. Saltair Ocean adventures is not responsible for any injuries due to the consumption of alcohol onboard the vessel.

5) Captain Trav has the right to refuse alcohol onboard if he deems it unsafe. Captain Trav also has the right to refuse customers onboard if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In this situation, clients will be charged the full amount of the reservation on their credit card.

6) There is no smoking/Vaping on the dock while boarding the vessel. 



1) All persons onboard the Jenmar will take part in a safety briefing at the start of every adventure before leaving Ladysmith Community Marina. 

2) All persons onboard the Jenmar will take part in the signing of a liability waiver before leaving Ladysmith Community Marina.

3) Captain Trav has the right to request any passenger to wear a lifejacket.

4) All persons 16 years and younger must wear a life jacket at all times.

Fishing License


1) Each individual that participates in fishing is required to obtain a tidal fishing license, including children (licenses are free for children under 16 years old).

2) A printed copy of your license is required on board if you intend to keep fish. Digital copies available on your smartphone are sufficient if you are not keeping your catch.


3) It is the responsibility of the customer to purchase their own tidal fishing license. If you intend to keep your salmon catch then a Salmon Conservation Stamp must be added to your license. For information on purchasing a Recreational Fishing License and stamp click here.


4) If the Department of Fisheries and Oceans boards our vessel and the customer is without a licence then the customer is responsible for any implications that may result

Promo and Discounts

1) Promo and discounts are for hourly rates only.

2) All add-ons are exempt from promos and discounts unless specified.


Liability Waiver

1) Please read the liability waiver before booking your adventure. Persons under the age of 19 must have their legal guardian sign the waiver before boarding the vessel.

Click the PDF Symbol to read our liability waiver

Claims against Saltair Ocean Adventures Incorporated

1) Clients agree and acknowledge that they will not sue for more than the insurance coverage provided by Saltair Ocean Adventures Incorporated.


-Up to 2 million per claim while clients are on Islands touring or paddleboarding​.

-Up to 3 million divided by all passengers onboard the vessel or dinghy who make a claim.


Getting here:

Parking at the Marina:

Ladysmith is a town of 9,000 located 20 minutes south of Nanaimo and 1 hour north of Victoria. 

Driving from Nanaimo- Ladysmith is a 20 minute drive (20km) south of Nanaimo.


Driving from Duncan- Ladysmith is a 20 minute drive (20km) north of Duncan

Driving from Victoria- Ladysmith is a 1 hour drive (88km) north of Victoria

Free parking is located at the marina

Ladysmith Community Marina:

Ladysmith Marina is located at 901 Gladden Rd Ladysmith BC. 

Saltair Ocean Adventures

901 Gladden Rd Ladysmith BC


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