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Ashes to Sea

About your Adventure

With ashes to sea we will help your family find a place where you can visit and remember your loved ones. It is a beautiful way to honor one who has passed. We welcome all faiths and have many locations to choose from to help co-create a memorable and unique experience. If you would like to have more than 6 participants, we can choose a location close to shore or easily accessible by kayaks. Our intention is to find an area that is calm enough that we can turn off the motors to provide a tranquil atmosphere. You can also connect music via Bluetooth to the vessel's stereo system. We recommend you bring bags of flower pedals to disburse in the water with your loved one's ashes. This creates a beautiful visual effect, allowing you to see the movement of the ashes. Once you have dispersed the ashes, we will take a short cruise around the site. You and your family can enjoy each other's company and have a toast if you wish before heading back to the marina. -Rates in CAD for the boat for the day (including up to 6 guests) 3 hours minimum at $150 CAD per hour +Tax. -$200 Reservation fee is due at booking via E-transfer or Credit Card.

Cancellation Policy

Refer to the FAQ/Policies section.

Contact Details

  • Gladden Road

    901 Gladden Rd, Ladysmith, BC, Canada


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